One of the best tractor tires manufacturer has now produced one of the best UTV mud tires on the market. Equipped with 2 inch deep lugs, the BKT 171 Tire offers amazing grip in muddy terrain.  This skinny tall tire setup has the ability to cut through the mud and avoid mud bogging situations. The BKT TR 171 tire is extremely efficient at displacing mud and throwing it away from UTV with it’s self cleaning thread.  These 6 ply mud tires come in a variety of BKT tire sizes 28, 30, 31, 33 and are built to handle the harshest conditions. They will fit on a variety of lifted UTVs like Can-am, Polaris RZR, Honda, Kawasaki and more!

BKT 171 Tire

  • 28X9X14




  • BKT has taken their knowledge of producing agricultural, industrial and OTR tires to the UTV market and has produced the ultra tough, long lasting BKT TR 171. The BKT 171 tire has deep tread farm tractor tire features and extra deep lugs to provide increased performance and tirelife. The natural rubber tread compound of the tiremakes for better wear and tearing resistance. The tires tough nylon casing increases tire life. Thanks to its outstanding self-cleaning properties, it is ideal for wet and moist soil. Also in the harshest operating conditions.



    • Great traction, suitable for muddy terrain

    • Self-cleaning features

    • Extreme durability

    • Deep tread