Fairway Alloys golf cart wheels, manufactured by Wheel Pros Powersports Division, was founded in 1998 to provide customers with top quality and unique styling custom wheels for distinguished private golf cart owners. Each wheel is hand inspected and finished with the finest automotive grade paints, inserts, bolts and materials. Fairway Alloys golf cart wheels and accessories have been the leader in design and quality construction, continuing to offer new and different products for the golf cart aftermarket. Each wheel is manufactured using lightweight virgin aluminum used in low pressure casting which means your wheels have a beautiful, high luster, low porosity composition. Attempted duplicates have been made by our competition, but our loyal customers know, there is nothing like the original Fairway Alloys styling. 


Available: 12" Finishes: Machined Gloss Black.

Fairway Alloys Rage Golf Wheels 12"