This Diver Down Snorkel kit contains everything you need to properly snorkel your ride.

  • Custom Powder Coated Riser Bracket to keep risers straight, evenly spaced and looking good
  • Rubber Grommets to hold riser tubes in place
  • 1 1/2", 2" or 3" Risers- based on specific model
  • Heavy Duty Vinyl Tubing to route difficult locations where the competition uses think tubing
  • High Heat Silicon Hose in those critical areas where the competition melts
  • Bellows to keep water out of differentials and transmission
  • All mounting hardware for complete installation
  • Step-by-step instructions complete with detailed photos


  • Provides clean, dry air to the engine and other parts needing venting
  • Prevents mud, water and debris from entering the engine and clutch housings when equipped
  • Bellows allow the differential and transmission air to expand and contract without the need for long vent lines that can easily get plugged with mud or be pulled off
  • Each Kit is engineered and cut to fit your specific application


2016 Polaris Scrambler 850
2016 Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP
2013 Polaris Scrambler 850
2013 Polaris Scrambler 850 EPS
2014 Polaris Scrambler 850
2014 Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP EPS
2015 Polaris Scrambler 850
2015 Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP
2017 Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP EPS
2017 Polaris Scrambler 850
2018 Polaris Scrambler 850
2018 Polaris Scrambler 1000 XP


High Lifter Snorkel Polaris Scrambler 850/1000