Fits Kubota RTV 900 & 1140


  • Pivots forward to allow quick access under the hood
  • Hood rack has multiple attachment points for hooks and straps
  • Upper rack rail helps contain items
  • Accepts Kolpin gear grips, chain clamps, and more!
  • Works seamlessly with Seizmik windshields and soft tops


Carry More Tools
These hood racks are great for expanding the carrying capacity of the RTV—especially for farm tasks, allowing the tools to be carried on the hood rack and supplies to be loaded in the dump bed.


Easy Access Under The Hood
Our hood racks pivot forward to allow easy access under the hood—No tools needed to flip it forward.


Quick and Easy Install
Installs in less than 30 minutes without the need for technical knowledge, special tools or drilling.


Extremely Versatile
Our hood racks feature multiple mounting points and allow tools & gear to be easily strapped down.


Ultra Durable All Steel Construction
Our hood racks are constructed from all steel and have proven to be nearly indestructible.

Seizmik Hood Rack – Kubota RTV 900 and RTV 1140