One of the best UTV mud tires on the market. Equipped with 3 inch deep ridges, the SuperATV Assassinator ATV tire offers unmatched grip in muddy terrain.  With their narrow design the Assassinators are have the ability to cut through the mud and avoid mud bogging situations. The Assassinator tires are extremely efficient at displacing mud and throwing it away from UTV with it’s self cleaning thread.  These 6 ply mud tires come in a variety of sizes 28, 29.5, 32, 34, 36, 37, and 40. They will fit on a variety of UTVs like Can-am, Polaris RZR, Honda, Kawasaki and more!

SuperATV Assassinator Mud Tires

  • Tire Size Weight Load Capacity
    28/10/14 50 lb  
    29.5/8/14 53 lb 657 lbs. @ 7 psi
    29.5/10/14 54 lb 657 lbs. @ 7 psi
    32/8/14 60 lb 724 lbs. @ 7 psi
    34/8/14 63 lb  
    36/7.5/20 65 lb 624 lbs. @ 10 psi
    37/8/22 (LT) 52 lb 850 lbs. @ 10 psi
    40/7.5/20 76 lb 735 lbs. @ 10 psi


  • The SuperATV Assassinator mud tires were designed with one thing in mind, MUD. SuperATV wanted to have an ATV tire that could sling mud like a champ and never get stuck. From slick and soupy sinkholes to peanut butter pits, Assassinator mud tires are perfect for pulling you through any mud you can find.


    Assassinator ATV tires are more than deep lugs (3” deep!) and a lot of rubber. They’re designed to give you a smoother ride, better grip, and better control of your UTV or ATV. The tread pattern is self-cleaning so you never slip, and the lugs give centerline support so you get a comfy, vibration-free ride for the occasional road or trail. The Assassinator mud tire has a narrow profile to cut through mud easily—no matter how you're getting dirty - mud bogging or trail riding - the SuperATV Assassinator mud tire can get the job done!


    Our 37” Assassinator is a Light-weight Tire (LT). It features a smaller 2” tread depth and fits a 22” diameter wheel. The advantage is that it weighs just 52lb meaning your machine has an easier time turning this monster tire so it rips through the mud hole. Not to mention it just looks good.



    • 3" tread depth

    • *37x8-22 (LT) features 2" tread depth

    • Unmatched grip in the thickest, slickest mud

    • Self-cleaning tread design

    • Narrow stance to navigate the sloppiest of mud

    • Load capacity:

      • 657 lbs. @ 7 psi (29.5")

      • 724 lbs. @ 7 psi (32")

      • 624 lbs. @ 10 psi (36")

      • 850 lbs. @ 10 psi (37")

      • 735 lbs. @ 10 psi (40")