Unmatched strength, style, and performance. Engineered to deliver all out strength, we've taken our traditional and made it exceptional with SuperATV's High Clearance Boxed A Arms. Each arm is constructed of a precise blend of materials then hand welded, making them 4x stronger than stock! Through our unique dual bend design, SuperATV arms give you an additional 1.5" of coveted ground clearance, taking you over obstacles that would once hang you up and end your fun. Available in multiple colors to match your machine and your style. 


The High Clearance A Arms for the Fullsize Ranger feature industry leading Adjustable Pivot Blocks. Unlike others, SuperATV arms allow you to adjust your alignment. Adjustable pivot blocks eliminate the worry of premature tire wear that can come from the addition of a lift kit, new shocks, or larger tires. 

SuperATV spared no detail in the creation of these arms and tip to tip you will see strength, style, and features that are unmatched in the market. We know ball joints can be a weak link. To ensure a bullet proof design, our a arms are paired with a 4130 chromoly uniball. Match top of the line materials with a stud that is 140% larger than OEM, and you've got a set of arms that are Built for Battle. Important to note that the SuperATV uniball studs are not necked down; they measure 17.9 mm compared to the OEM ball joint stud at 12.7. With a larger stud and meticulously heat treated materials, you have a uniball that is 400% stronger than your stock ball joint. 



  • 4x stronger than stock
  • Hand welded strength and style
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Includes 4 arms
  • Grease zerks
  • Brake line fittings
  • 1.5" forward offset
  • 1.5" of additional ground clearance
  • Run up to 28.5" tires
  • Powder coated finish for increased durability
  • Multiple color options to match your machine

Uniball Features

  • 17.9mm stud
  • 4130 chromoly prehard HRC 30/34



Ranger Fullsize XP 1000 : 2017 
Ranger Fullsize 1000 Diesel : 2015+ 
Ranger Fullsize 1000 Diesel Crew : 2015+ 
Ranger Fullsize 570 : 2015 
Ranger Fullsize 570 Crew : 2015 
Ranger Fullsize 570 XP : 2016+ 
Ranger Fullsize 570 XP Crew : 2016+ 
Ranger Fullsize 900 : 2013+ 
Ranger Fullsize 900 Crew : 2013+ 

Note: Will not fit 2016+ Ranger 900 Highlifter Edition with stock axles. Requires Rhino Brand axles.

SuperATV Polaris Ranger Fullsize 1000 High Clearance Forward Offset Boxed A-Arms