Get the most out of your RZR XP 1000 with SuperATV's high clearance a arms. When you’re out for a ride, the last thing you want is to bang your suspension on rocks or debris and send yourself careening of track and ending your ride. Our A arms solve that problem by giving you 1.5” of extra clearance and because they’re constructed of 25% larger tubing than stock. Plus, every set of A-arms come with indestructible UHMW bushings! 


Lower Arm:

  • 1.5" Additional Clearance
  • 1.25" Tube - 25% Larger Than OEM
  • Full Camber Adjustability
  • Includes free UHMW bushings!

Upper Arm:

  • 1.25" Tube - 25% Larger Than OEM
  • Stronger than OEM
  • Includes free UHMW bushings!

Install Ready A Arms include:

  • Pre-installed ball joints
  • Free UHMW bushings pre-installed
  • Preadjusted pivot blocks to match OEM specs


***These A Arms do not have a sway bar mount & will disable the function of the front sway bar on the RZR 1000 Fox Edition & RZR XP Turbo. 

SuperATV Polaris RZR 1000/Turbo High Clearance A Arms